Have you stopped to think…

how much time, money and effort is spent constantly purchasing, deploying, scaling and managing your physical devices?

Doing it all yourself no longer makes sense, the network and your in-house data centre can become things of the past.
You don’t have to take on the risks, responsibilities and inconveniences.

Providing flexible, reliable, secure service-led infrastructure solutions, adaptable to your business needs. Flexible power densities mean that you can use the very latest server technologies and low cost power efficient cores in your cloud, getting the highest density per cabinet and utilising your space more efficiently. With our flexible density power and cooling The LegalDC enables the deployment of ultra-high power industry cabinets (35kW) density racks alongside low density cabinets in the same cage.

A world class data centre, The LegalDC is one of the most highly connected data centre presences in greater London offering ISO27001 accreditation and 100% SLA on power. The LegalDC runs at a low PUE which makes it extremely energy efficient allowing you to benefit from the 100% renewable energy powering your infrastructure.

The advantages of the LegalDC:

All colocation options benefit from the following standard features:

  • Access controlled entry/egress and CCTV
  • Power delivered via shared iPDU’s configured 2N
  • Cooling delivered via shared cooling units configured N+1
  • Power SLA delivered on rack (plug-set) level
  • Multi-point VESDA Fire Detection system
  • Marioff ‘Hi-Fog’ Fire Suppression system
  • Building Management and Power Monitoring Systems
  • Access to the LegalDC Management Portal (DCMP) with full DCIM capability. The DCMP is a web tool which offers customers the same level of control over their data centre deployment as if it was their own data centre
  • The LegalDC Remote Hands Service is available 24/7 giving you complete peace of mind that your hardware and applications are in safe hands. The LegalDC can supply and install racks and help you move in when you are ready.


  • It is secured through 6 levels, incorporating perimeter security and access checks, CCTV surveillance and on site security staffing, providing the highest levels of data security anywhere within the UK.
  • Every aspect of our security is tested regularly and our processes and procedures are covered by the BS27001 certification.


  • Eco-efficient, optimised design for fully flexible, bespoke customer solutions.
  • A range of power density solutions available up to 15kW per cabinet without in row cooling.


  • Facility Design PUE of <1.5
  • Powered by 100% renewable sources
  • Cooling supplied by intelligent Free Air Chillers
  • Designed to BREEAM ‘Good’ standard
  • Lowest PUEs available from a Tier III certified environment in the UK


  • Designed and built to a Tier 3 specification
  • Total IT power of 4.2MW
  • Ultra-resilient, high performance data centre
  • We offer best-in-class SLA terms
  • Intelligent design principles – fastest speed of deployment

“Our specialist team are available to provide advice and guidance to deliver dedicated solutions to the Legal Sector”

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